Emily Wilkinson

Founder of Social You. Strategically leading on key clients projects, keeping things running smoothly and she makes a mean sandwich

Brad Hall

Employ and watch your staff become closer, more productive and wicked awesome. If you don’t have a big team yet, you’ll be wise to invest in Emily.

Right… That’s my elevator pitch for all you monocle wearing fat cats. (You know who you are!!).

When Emily started at Remarkable as an account manager with the digital team she had the unenviable job of growing us clowns (a part time developer and full time designer). Within months she had turned the team around by listening to us, creating a better team focused atmosphere, driving new business and fighting our battles. A brilliant filter.

She also helped us grow… and before I knew it, Emily had created a new company with us former clowns, turned superhereos. To grow a failing team from 3 people to 16 successful people in a short space of time, was an amazing thing to watch. I have a lot of respect for Emily.

After tons of hard graft she earned her place as a well respected associate director. The team bond she helped craft was so strong, that leaving NÜKO was the hardest decision I ever had to make.

Brad Hall | Digital Designer

alex kirby

It’s a bit tricky to sum up how much respect I have for Emily (Wilko) in so few words.

She’s been my esteemed leader for a couple of years now and I have been, on many occasions, in awe of her attitude, commitment and leadership skills.

She has a rare talent in the way of being able to relate to her staff on a personal level whilst maintaining her professionalism and authority at all times.

This, coupled with her industry knowledge and experience makes for one formidable leader and woman who – without doubt – you will want on your team.

Alex Kirby | Post-Producer


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